Mar 20, 2023 · If the systemctl command above fails, please check the KB article The Mellanox IB kernel modules fail to load with mlnx-ofed-49, mlnx-ofed-50, mlnx-ofed-51, mlnx-ofed-52 for resolution.


I test a virtual pve cluster to check if different versions of PVE works together. Complete the following tasks to download and install Mellanox OFED package for Oracle Linux.


Go to the main repository https://linux.

This section describes the installation procedure of MLNX_OFED on NVIDIA adapter cards. 1. # For more information, refer to http://linux.


3. HowTo Install MLNX_OFED Driver. com/s/article/howto-install-mlnx-ofed-driver.

Go to the main repository

com # [mlnx_ofed_5.