Medicare Advantage, Florida Blue Medicare ℠, Medicare PPO Medical: 904-301-1614 Medicare Advantage, Florida Blue Medicare Part B Rx: 904-357-6699 FEP.

For translation or interpretation services, contact New Directions at the phone number listed on the back of your insurance card or at877-887-1797.

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Medigap Members.

If provider administered, call FL Blue 1-800-955-5692 for Prior. . .

These companies are Independent Licensees of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

Let us call you back. Provider Disputes Department. 800-722-2467.

. Feb 24, 2021 · Anthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Wisconsin: ANY: Illinois: Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois: ANZ: South Dakota/Iowa: Wellmark Blue-Cross Blue-Shield: AOA: Ohio: Anthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Ohio: AOB: Michigan: Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Michigan: AOC: Missouri: Anthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Missouri: AOD: New York (Western) Blue-Cross.


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Dental, Life and Disability are offered by Florida Combined Life Insurance Company, Inc.

• Furnish services to a BlueMedicare PFFS or BlueMedicare Group PFFS member within the scope of your licensure or certification.


Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida. . Members who bought ACA Plans through State Websites (on exchange) 855-444-3121.

Phone Number: (Optional). Let us call you back. . , an affiliate of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida. P. 1-888-223-4892.


800-722-2467. Dental, Life and Disability are.

Florida: 800-7272-2227 800.

Below is a list that may assist you with your CareFirst provider-related questions.


Member Service Phone Numbers (Monday-Friday, 8 a.

There are changes with the end of the public health emergency.